DS Associates & Co.

Along with normal design, DS Associates & Co., LLC can also handle many other aspects of projects such as conceptual designs, floor plan layouts, tool layouts and time studies as related to production machining, assembly and material handling.

DS Associates & Co., LLC has been exposed to a variety of product components, product processes and system configurations. Our experience in these areas allows us to offer a wide range of production solutions to our customers.

Although each customer is unique and usually has their own preferred purchased components, methods, techniques and approaches as to the type of equipment and system configurations they are requesting to be designed, DS Associates & Co., LLC is experienced at working with these preferences and incorporating them into our projects.

DS Associates & Co., LLC considers ourselves to be an extension of your engineering department. Our concept approval process is an opportunity for "you" - the customer to review the design and jointly agree that the design is in compliance with the defined requirements of the project and has the potential to be successful.

DS Associates & Co., LLC will quote all projects based upon the mechanisms and design content discussed or presented at the initial quotation lineup meeting. In order to minimize future project changes and price increase, the scope of the project involved and the method or approach to the design should be well thought out and any potential risks be identified at this time.

Once a design concept is determined and agreed upon, DS Associates & Co., LLC will generate a quotation based upon that concept.

If during the design phase an alternative approach becomes apparent and/or is discovered to be necessary, or, if a change in direction is desired by the customer, DS Associates & Co., LLC will submit in writing a revised quotation and affected cost for the project. Work does not proceed until authorized by the customer.