Quote Guidelines

What this means to our customers, is that DS Associates & Co., LLC is always looking for a "better way of doing things". Sometimes during the project development or design stage, even if the product or process has not changed, DS Associates & Co., LLC may identify a different design approach or additional items that were not identified during the pre-quote line up, that are determined to be necessary or has conceptual gain for our customer. DS Associates & Co., LLC will discuss this with the customer until we reach an agreement as to the necessity of this new approach. If deemed necessary, we will submit a "supplemental quotation" for a price adjustment if necessary.

If this approach to "project design" is not acceptable to the customer, the project should not be quoted as a "bid" project. DS Associates & Co., LLC are willing to work on a "T&M (Time and Material)" basis if the customer should wish to retain cost responsibility for the project.